Back in the Tuk-Tuk Again

IMG_0416Cambodia’s “cool” season is still too hot for someone with Scottish genes and too polluted for lungs acclimated to the Bay Area’s clean air. But in other ways I feel comfortable here. Tonight in my Phnom Penh hotel, I watched a nature program about the Borneo I didn’t see. It wasn’t Malaysia’s fault that I wasn’t happy there. Just bad timing.

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Tonle Sap


DSCN1361Cambodians love their lake. Fed by the giant Mekong River, Tonle Sap is five times the size of Lake Tahoe and supports fishing and farming by 3 million Cambodians.  In my five weeks in Cambodia, I hadn’t seen it and I needed a little adventure. So on Saturday, I signed up for a tour led by a local NGO called “New Hope” (which, you guessed it, provides health and educational services to Cambodian children and has two restaurants to prove it).

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Cambodia’s Other Hunger

My last post was about Cambodian food because, in the past five days, eating is about the only interesting thing I have done. I have mostly been in bed with a cold (it’s over now!).  During my time in the hotel room, I also wrote  a little about Cambodia. I have gone back and forth about whether to post a story that is so tragic.  But I am not describing the real Cambodia if the only things I share are my isolated experiences as a privileged tourist.


The Cambodia banner at

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Fork in the Road

DSCN1239Cambodia has been a sort of feeding frenzy for me.  Maybe because its tourist infrastructure is relatively new, Cambodia has a lot of restaurants that have updated traditional dishes in ways that make them less greasy, less salty, fresher, and healthier than food I have had anywhere else in Asia.

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