The Power of Dashed Expectations

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I am in Safed, a small Israeli city 3 hours north of Jerusalem. The picture in my mind of Safed was pretty different from reality so far.  The picture above is where I am staying. As a center of Jewish mysticism with hippie-ish sensibilities, I expected a city that would feel loved and welcoming and in tune with the natural state of things.  You know, like Berkeley before the iphone.

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New Friends and Old Things

DSCN0444I decided to spend the day at the Israel Museum, which has a nice cross section of western art but is famous for the Dead Sea Scrolls and archaeological artifacts organized to unwind the 9,000 year history of the Levant. Steve Tobias reminded me of this word.

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Shabbat Shalom

DSCN0463I can’t believe I am in Jerusalem, the holiest city on earth!  For the past couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot to orient myself but it would take years to understand the very complex history of Jerusalem.  Just consider a very few of the things that happened (or allegedly happened, you decide)  in Jerusalem’s Old City, which you can walk across in fifteen minutes:

  • Jesus was tried, convicted, crucified and rose from the dead
  • God created the universe
  • Mohammed ascended to heaven
  • Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac
  • King David was buried
  • Solomon  placed the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple

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