The Angels in the Details

Sculpture in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

I love taking photographs when I travel, but I am selective about it because cameras can make you an outsider, an observer instead of a participant. One thing I like about having a camera is that, even if I don’t use it, I pay a little more attention to the details.

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Traveler or Tourist #2 — “You Are Welcome”

DSCN0686All day long  Jordanians say “you are welcome” when I haven’t said thank you.  At first, I felt kind of bad about not saying thank you quickly enough until I realized that when Jordanians say “you are welcome” they mean you are welcome — welcome to be here and to whatever I am sharing with you.

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Come for the Rock, Stay for the People

IMG_0007For the next ten days, I am in Jordan, a nation of peace and refuge wedged in between a lot of Middle East belligerence and violence. At the end of my first day, I am relaxing with a fantastic Jordanian merlot, hoping to forget how stiff and sore I am from walking all day.

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