horseback riding

Mongolian Wind Horse

Genghis Khan created the largest empire in the history of the world on the back of a horse. He believed in “khiimori,”  or “wind horse” — a human quality that remains essential to Mongolians 900 years later.  Wind horse is the strength of your spirit, your inspiration, your courage.   Khiimori is like the soul of the horse and the spirit of the earth and the sky.  It is these untamed places in Mongolia.   Continue reading

Hungarian Cowboy Country

photo 3 (1)Imagine trying to get from Mill Valley to Tilden Park using public transportation and the bus ride ends on San Pablo Avenue so you have to walk the rest of the way and of course no one speaks English. That was what it was like to get to the “Bugacpuszta”, a traditional Hungarian horse show 30 miles from my hotel in Kecskemet, which is a little off the beaten track to begin with.

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