Stay tuned….

hoi anI have had the very good fortune to have gotten this far without getting sick (except for heat rash), losing anything (except a lot of sweat) or destroying anything (except a couple of pairs of sandals and a few illusions).  But it would not be life if something didn’t go south.

Fortunately, it’s a problem with my laptop, meaning I can’t easily load photos on to my site here and writing is awkward.  I am using the hotel’s business center.

Carol and I are in Vietnam and it is a wonderful way to spend my last couple of weeks on the road — green, thriving, friendly, full of small surprises and Land of More Great Food.

Right now, we are in the gorgeous small colonial town of Hoi An on Vietnam’s central  coast and heading back to Hanoi tomorrow on the train.  I have lovely photos and stories to share but that will have to wait.  If I can’t fix my computer on Friday,  I will buy another one in Hanoi….I already miss writing, which for these past months has taught me ways of being more observant and more engaged, and has been one of my best companions.

Love love and yes it really looks like this!



  1. What are your upcoming plans Kimmie? I will have to titrate off your blog postings and need time to do that if you are coming back to the states. XOXOXOX

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