Cambodia Soul

DSCN0945We are supposed to love all of our children equally and I do, which is easy because he is especially lovable.

Similarly, in my travels, I try to love all countries equally — to find the wonderful in each, and understand it in the context of its history and natural resources and culture.  But Cambodia is special for me like no other place I have visited. I have loved every minute here, even those that challenged me and even though the heat is practically disabling at times. All of the people I have met are kind and gentle, and working so hard to improve their lives and the prospects for their children. They do not take peace for granted and they understand forgiveness.  The countryside is beautiful and the cities seem to be on a path to something exciting.  Maybe the best part was meeting young people with dreams to improve their communities and their country. Bonus points for great food!

Here are some photos that will remind me of Cambodia.

DSCN1077 DSCN1032 DSCN1027  DSCN1072DSCN1083DSCN1068 DSCN1076    IMG_0416IMG_0458DSCN1085DSCN0928DSCN1080IMG_0438IMG_0478DSCN0979 DSCN1084IMG_0474DSCN1093DSCN1090



It’s good bye Cambodia and Good Morning Vietnam!


  1. Beautiful, Kim! I look forward to hearing how Cambodia contrasts for you now with Vietnam (which I loved so much).

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