The Smilers of Seville

Maybe I’m tired or uninspired or expect too much, but Seville, Spain has got to be one of the most serious places I’ve ever been. After a day of cranky shopkeepers, hotel receptionists who don’t look up from their computer screens, and cafe employees who treated me with suspicion, this morning, I went out looking for anything light-hearted, funny, or happy. Here’s what I found in three hours of walking around:

A woman smiling at her baby;

Two young men, obviously tourists, giggling;

The picture above. Figaro!

I’m on my way north.


  1. Rossini would be proud of that pic. Did you ever “Figaro” out why all the glum countenances? (Sorry for the horrible pun)

    I ran into a somewhat similar series of grumpy folks on my first day in Spain which happened to be in Madrid. At the time I attributed the grumpiness to my visit coming at the tail end of the long tourist season with local folks just plain burned out. But it turned out to be just a one day phenomena and the rest of my trip was filled with delightful interactions.

    1. Yah, it might be me. Sometimes my cheerfulness and patience “take a break” when I’m traveling alone for extended periods. But I don’t think it was me that time.

    1. Because most of those who were unfriendly to me were men, I think some of it has to do with being an “unaccompanied” older woman. As for the general feeling, you are probably right. The economy is still bad here.

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