Mysterious Tarifa

Walking through the town of Tarifa — aging hippies and surfers, import stores, kite shops, and offbeat bars– I heard a man laughing at the shopkeeper on the ladder.

What’s so funny? He’s wiping rain drops off the windows as another storm approaches? His sweater is color-coordinated with the storefront? He runs a clothing store called Trujillo’s Fabrics? The oranges are growing only on the bottom half of the tree?


  1. Aging hippies? Kite shops? Offbeat bars? People laughing in the streets? Sounds like my kinda’ place.

    BTW, another great photo of the color-coordinated optimistic window washer!

    And someone needs to talk to those oranges and set ’em straight on proper formation. lol

    1. Congratulations on becoming a wordpress subscriber. It’s a nightmare. If you ever try to write a blog posting, forget everything you ever knew about every other word processing program.

      1. LOL. I already have discovered their “unique” approach toward written things. I’d be interested in hearing more about your experiences with them.

  2. As for the clothing store, it looks quite old, and must have originally sold fabrics like the advertised wools and silks. Personally, I like the modern t-shirt with a bike. But even better is above the Tejidos Trujillo sign and the yellow swirls– three Roman statues!

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