Puente Nuevo, Ronda

Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”) is Ronda’s pride and joy. Built around 1760, it’s the newest of three bridges that span “El Tajo,” the 450 foot gorge dividing the city. You can see the water fall of the Rio Guadalevin at the base of the bridge. The small room in the middle of the bridge just beneath its roadbed was once a prison and is now an interpretive center.

It’s not the best photo of the bridge because I didn’t time it well for the shadows. But it’s mine and I’m not making that steep hike to the outlook a second time :). Next time, I’ll ask questions first.


  1. That spectacular view and the scenic wonders seemingly all around this town will be imprinted in your mind forever Kim. This is a particularly marvelous vista unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    That they call a 350+ year old bridge the “New Bridge” is charming. It reminds me of how folks in New England refer to certain local landmarks which actually date back to early post-Revolutionary War days.

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