Help Me, Ronda

I am in Ronda, Spain, famous for its bull fighting ring, Hemingway’s stories of the bull fighting ring, the town’s location over a spectacular 450-foot-deep gorge, and its lack of vegetarian options. In my walks through this charming “white village” of Andalusia, I’ve been searching for a pair of size 38 walking shoes, apparently rare in other Spanish cities I’ve visited this month. I found a pair in Ronda! Que alivio!

Stay tuned for the story of the other thing that makes Ronda special.


  1. ¡Ronda! I love it there. We did a week-long bicycle ride through the Pueblos Blancos a few years ago, beginning and ending in Ronda. I look forward to your Ronda Part 2…

  2. Wow- what a vista!!! Did you take that pic??? Regardless, it’s amazing!

    Good for you on the shoes (que alivio indeed!), but yuck re the lack of veggie outlets. What do you do in those situations? Groceries?

  3. Yes, I took the photo 🙂 . Sometimes when I can’t find veggie food, I eat potato chips for dinner. I can usually find an Italian restaurant with pizza or pesto pasta. But if a community doesn’t have good vegie food, it probably doesn’t have healthy food at all. So even the vegetarian stuff (like the pesto pasta) is not very good. And it wasn’t.

  4. Love Rhonda!. Also ended a week long bicycle ride through southern Spain in Rhonda. Never tired of that stunning view. Very cool you’re there.

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