Image result for kahlo museumI am sensing that there is a sort of low grade malaise happening out there right now, even in spite of our best efforts. It’s ok. People have been doing the blues for a long time. The blues have made people famous and happy and powerful. Here are some of them.


At a time when he was suffering from depression, Pablo Picasso painted some of his most beloved works. During his “Blue Period,” many of Picasso’s paintings depicted social outsiders. My favorite is called “The Soup.”  It is melancholy but so tender and sweet. Is the little girl receiving the soup or sharing it?



Joni Mitchell is one of the 20th century’s most important musicians, and her most acclaimed album is called “Blue.” Like a lot of her music, the songs on “Blue” are a lot about longing. I can totally relate to this song right now, although we usually don’t call them “pigs” any more.



Our grandmothers just loved hydrangeas right? For awhile, they had a reputation for being kind of frumpy (the flowers not our grandmothers) but they have come back into fashion. If your hydrangea is pink, you can turn it blue, almost over night.  All you have to do is add something acidic to the soil, like coffee grounds, or tea and oranges that come all the way from China.



Did you know there is a thing called “blue comedy”? It is ribald,  off-color. Sarah Silverman is definitely a blue comedian. Here is an old favorite that remains super relevant.


In Kenya, when the Power Women want you, they paint the building blue.


So see,? It’s ok to be blue.


  1. Hola Kim! I love your blogs. keep ’em coming. Miss you new friend and sorry you had to call your adventurous travel to a halt. May you soon return to SMA and other distant places. I love this theme of Blue. I painted a Blue Agave, yesterday—this time of self-isolation is allowing me to paint again and write. Always an upside to a downside. May you and the world soon be past his crisis!

      1. Great! We will probably still be here and will look forward to seeing you. In the meantime we will follow your blog and practice “social distancing,” as hard as that is for us “San Miguelenses!”

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