One More Reason To Travel with Kids

For kids of all ages, travel provides an education in history, other cultures, other ways of thinking and moving in the world. I knew Bella and Avery would learn a lot on our journey in Europe — but I didn’t realize how much traveling with them might be an education for me.

Apparently, my age and experience have made me over-confident. After traveling with Avery and Bella, I am reassessing….

Here a few of the teachable moments during our three weeks together.

“Kim, your hair!”

“I think it was her fault you got so mad.”

“You love salt, don’t you?”

“We had pasta last night!  So what if it’s Italy — we can still  eat Chinese!”

“I always drip on my shirt when I wear white but you seem to drip on shirts of every color!”

“You drop your glasses all the time — I think you need a glasses case.”

“You have something green in your teeth. You still do. You still do. You still do.”

“You asked us where your phone was when it was in your hand!”

“We know you’ll miss us — you won’t laugh as much after we’re gone.”

It has only been 23 hours, 47 minutes and 38 seconds since their plane took off from Rome and I miss them already.


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