Lima Beans

Lima beans are probably on every child’s short list of least favorite foods but that’s not the worst thing that ever happened to them (the lima beans). Americans don’t seem to have made the connection between the beans and their namesake, the capital city of Peru, which is pronounced LEE-MA.

I am here, so happily, with my friend Belle who sat next to me in Mrs. Schoolitz’ 6th grade class. One of the first things we learned about each other on our first day in class was that we both loved horses. We spent the next few years riding through the Arizona desert in bell bottoms.

Yesterday, fifty-three years later, we rode horses on the beach in Lima. 

We have also been good tourists, visiting museums and checking out the neighborhoods. Lima does not have a lot to distinguish it from other large cities but it is actually a more cool place than I expected.

In addition to the beaches, it has the Museo Larco, which houses an exceptional collection of Peruvian artifacts collected by Peruvian archaeologist, Rafael Larco Hoyle.  The collection spans 3,000 years of pre-Colombian history, including an entire wing of ancient pornographic pottery that Anthony Bourdain featured in his show about Peru. You gotta wonder who in the family was so interested in this stuff. Were the pots brought out for special company? Displayed over the fire place?

Lima also has a great art museum — Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) — that is dedicated to Peruvian artists. I have favorites….

“The Three Races” or “Equality Before the Law,” painted by Francisco Laso in 1859.

“Lo Que Ve A Venir” (literally, “what is going to come”) by Ramiro Llona. 2004.

Not considered fine art but I liked it.

During our walks around town, we were reminded that Lima is in the news this week because the Peruvian President pardoned the former Peruvian President, Alberto Fujimori, who was convicted of corruption, extrajudicial killings and systematic violence against Peruvian people. The pardon has motivated protests all over Peru and criticism from the United Nations.Today, Belle and I took a cooking class with Ricardo. We started at the produce and fish markets.

The view from the fish market. Pretty much everyone in Lima seemed to be at the beach today!

Then Ricardo took us to a small restaurant where we made a ceviche with white fish and a “causa,” which is mashed potatoes layered with anything. In our case, the causa was layed with fresh crab and avocado, and flavored with chilies, olives and hard boiled eggs.  Excellent!


Am going to cross Pacific on a wooden raft to support a theory that the South Sea Islands were peopled from Peru. Will you come? I guarantee nothing but a free trip to Peru and the South Sea Islands and back, but you will find good use for your technical abilities on the voyage. Reply at once
— Thor Heyerdahl, from his advertisement looking for people to join him on his voyage


  1. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo, Kim! What a fascinating time to be in Peru with the attempted impeachment of the president and then Fujimori’s pardon. It sounds delightful riding horses with your childhood friend, and how cool you’re learning to make Peruvian cuisine. Buen viaje…

  2. So great! Your trip is inspiring, and I think that Bill and I will follow some of our footsteps next year. Give my love to Belle, and BTW someone commented “buen viaje” which reminded need me of dad’s “buena vieja” line♥️ Love you, – Laura


    1. You will love it! Belle sends love — we laughed about dad’s gaff. Our tour guide in the Amazon told us about the first time he gave a presentation to his English-speaking guests. He told them there would be hookers outside their cabin doors for bags of dirty laundry.

  3. Way to kick off 2018 Kim! You and Belle seem so happy both on and off the horses! And the pic of you two as kids is a priceless find.

    I love the colors in the paintings.

  4. the food you made looks beautiful as well as delicious. i hope you are remembering all of these techniques for when you visit the states again!

  5. I see a recurring theme: Best art work, best food and abundant horses….hmmm. Such a wonderful experience. So glad you can do all this, Bring home all the stories.

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