Louisiana: Crazy as a Swamp Cat

Voo doo dolls in New Orleans conjure house.

Just before my plane landed in New Orleans yesterday, a recording came on over the PA system.  “You will be provided arrival cards that you must complete before entering the country. ”  Hello? Our flight originated in Dallas.  Texas. The recording was a mistake but it was a relevant one.  Louisiana is not like America, more like its own country.

Unlike anywhere else in the US, Louisiana is historically French and Catholic. It is therefore uniquely Mardi Gras, etoufee, gumbo and creole. No other state has bayous, Cajuns, cypress swamps and voodoo practitioners. If all of that that is not weird enough, the law prohibits you from tying an alligator to a fire hydrant!

French-inspired architecture in the….French Quarter

Typical New Orleans fare

My tarot card reader. He says the cards say there is a lot of potential there if I will just get out of my own way.

Unfortunately, Louisiana is also distinguished as being among the poorest, most polluted and least educated places in the US. Racism is a big problem and it is at times almost freakishly humid and hot, not to mention prone to hurricanes.

Yard of Catholic church, New Orleans style

I love Louisiana in spite of its issues.  It is the birth place of jazz, zydeco and cajun music.  The food is world class and it is the only place I have ever been where strangers call me “baby.”  It is full of surprises of all kinds!

I am here for 7 weeks.  As Rachel Maddow would say, “stay with us!”

Wall of New Orleans cafe.


  1. Amble upriver to “Breads on Oak” street organic/vegan bakery and tell sean and chamain, adam sent you.

      1. sean/chamain closed bakery as scheduled for a week or 2 for a quick vacation/evacuation to italy (they had their sights set on guatemala where they have a little place, but that was re-routed due to harvey [and now, the earthquake]), so wait awhile, but there are other interesting things to see/do on the street, and check out horseback riding in the city too!

  2. What a surprise you are there, Kim, and for so long! I love your images, but am afraid to watch the video.

  3. Whew, okay, I watched it. As you know, Kim, I’m a cat person, and the only animal (besides the mosquito) I’ve never liked is the crocodile. Speaking of New Orleans… Did you ever watch Tremé?

    1. I haven’t watched Treme because I didn’t have that tv station whatever it was. But I could probably find it online now. One of my favorite museums is in Treme and I hope to visit soon.

  4. I love this post! Makes me realize how much I miss!New Orleans and the Lafayette country area. It’s been 12 years. Enjoy!

  5. That yellow house on St. Ann is one of my favorite buildings in the Quarter! And I love that you shared “Touchdown Jesus” in the back of St. Louis Cathedral. I hope you have a blast during your trip, and look forward to your posts!

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