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Clap clap clap!  Dublin is very cool.  I have never seen more pubs, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and churches in a couple of square miles anywhere.  Visitors and locals seem happy, especially after a couple of pints and even after Ireland lost to France in the Euros.


Christ Church — the view from my hotel window.

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Typical cafe, this one in the Harding Hotel where I stayed.

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It rains a lot in Dublin, where some refer to rain as “liquid sunshine.”

When I arrived, Gay Pride weekend was in full swing so I joined the fun.  Ireland was the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage– which it did by popular referendum in 2015 — and they are very proud of it.


Thanks to these two for waiting it out.


Gay Pride in Dublin is a little tamer than San Francisco’s party — more of a family festival.  Except for a few people.












Dublin is a place for foodies — the choices are varied and excellent. In addition to traditional and fusion-y Irish cuisine, Dublin has cuisine from all over the world. On my first night in town, I joined my hiker buddies for Indian fare and the next day, I had Thai (real Thai, for the first time since February).

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Queen of Tarts is a cafe that is famous for its scones so I tried one even though I usually go for ice cream when I want calories I don’t need. This scone was both doughy and dry. Like all scones.

And Dubliners are famously friendly. In a 20 minute ride to the ferry dock, my cab driver shared stories about Dublin’s history, its food and his trip to Berlin.  Thank you friendly cab driver — I am definitely going to Berlin.


Dublin was my last Irish city and a great way to finish my visit to wonderful Ireland. Now in Wales!



“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Irish poet and author, Oscar Wilde






  1. All that rain makes for beautiful flowers. Wonder how the weather compares to Portland. Looking forward to Whales blog.

  2. I loved the Irish people, too. What a fun trip, Kim! Where will you go in Wales? My grandmother was Welsh (and my name), and I have good friends in the north.

  3. Ireland is a magical country filled with a populace of warm and engaging people… and a woeful history of conflicts between those people. I’ll never fully understand the Emerald Isle, but I loved the times I travelled there.

    Onward to Wales where I not only didn’t understand the history, I couldn’t even understand half the people with whom I talked. Enjoy!!!

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