Memories of Burma and Thailand



Bangkok street food.

There is one crazy thing I forgot to mention that I learned in Kanchanaburi. Are you sitting down?  On January 25, 1942, Thailand declared war on the United States!!!  Who knew? And also, huh?

We are home again but we have many memories that have become a part of us somewhere and will inspire us on life’s next adventures, whether they are far away or down the block or cooking dinner.  Here are a few.

IMG_0725 (1)

Room with a view in Bangkok.


Thai markets loaded with poetry.


Silk spinner at Inle Lake, Burma.


Temple bells.


Temple ball.


Temple Bells in Kanchanaburi made of mortar shells from WW II.  Probably after Thailand declared war on the United States.


Our boat trip with Jokai on Inle Lake in Burma.


A wash room attendant who gets about 5 cents from the occasional client checking her email on her iPhone 6.


Melissa and Britney checking out the latest at Bangkok’s malls. She (Britney) is playing in Las Vegas now.


Hard-boiled eggs on a plate in the corner of a walkway near a temple. Some are peeled and some are partly peeled. Some have wooden sticks planted in them and some don’t. Another small mystery in Burma.


7-11s are common in some parts of Asia and they are on every corner in Thailand. They actually sell edible prepared foods. I actually ate at them when I was in Japan. I can’t believe I said that.


A reminder that monks get dibs on the good seats on Bangkok’s public transportation system.

IMG_0732 (1)

Little fishes in Thailand will eat the dead skin on your feet for $3. These preferred Melissa’s shins.

IMG_0712 (1)

Lotus blossoms —  Buddhist symbols of purity and good fortune.


Answering the cell balancing sidesaddle on the back of a motor bike while using the other arm to hold your concerned two year old and your husband is wearing a longhi, which is a tight ankle-length skirt.


The ride from Mandalay to Bagan.


Bangkok public art…still in the early stages.


Melissa (“Sha”) left an important message on a Bangkok public art project.


Left with a lot to think about…..

IMG_0223 (1)

Elephants never forget…..



  1. thanks for the images. exotic and colorful. the Malcolm women are beautiful – even tho there was a serious dearth of images of you… but the words radiate the beauty of the being. welcome home. xo

  2. Wonderful-wonderful!!! Your photos are really wonderful… and your commentary both revealing and humorous.

    BTW, I believe that Thailand’s rulers during WWII were puppets of the Japanese… who had replaced the puppets of the European colonialists, principally the French. Naturally, the ones who suffered most from this foreign interference were the Thai people. I wonder about the legacy of these successive occupations.

  3. Yes, the Japanese had a hand in Thailand’s war response. But Thailand has never been colonized as Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and Burma were. And India and Laos and Malaysia and Hong Kong and Singapore and Sri Lanka. Probably others.

  4. Hey Kim, Your trip looked wonderful – maybe some day you and I could go on a trip together – a riding trip? well it would be fun to see you . Now that you’re back in CA, what are you doing?’ I’m busy with work – Delta stuff – but am riding 2-3 times a week. I’d love to see you. XO Jen

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