My Tenth Country


Gabe is a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!    How cool is that?


Gabe in his Raiders grad hat! And the gorgeous brunette is his Alex.

And now back to our regularly scheduled comparatively boring programming….

After four months away from home, I returned just enough of a stranger to see my world here in slightly sharper contrast — mostly lighter brighter wonderfuler.  The clean air, the affluence, beautiful cities and dramatic coastline, the feeling of security, friendly people with good haircuts, landscaping.  Good food, non-sweating climate, manageable traffic.

Union Square where I stayed my first two nights back in town.

Where’s Waldo?

I also notice that this hasn’t been like returning from vacation to a nice house and a good job.  It’s more like returning from a vacation with no house or job.  I think this means I need to make some decisions but I don’t know whether I am coming or going.  Latin America?  Cambodia?  Ghana?  Oakland?  Sounds like Germany is heating up, which could be interesting.

My I Ching is in storage so I haven’t had my annual New Year’s consultation with the Oracle.  I think this is part of my problem.


Happy New Year to you!



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