human rights

The Company We Keep….Our New Partners in Crime

Related imageI have so far been pretty good about staying away from topics related to The Elephant in Every Room, no reflection on real elephants. Many others are presenting analysis, opinion and humor that is way better than anything I could write. But I need to pile on because, at this point, I am scared shitless about the evolving friendships of our Racist Narcissist Liar-in-Chief.

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The Other Ethical Travel



Every year, the Berkeley-based non-profit, Ethical Traveler, announces its Top Ten most ethical places to travel in the developing world.  This year, the winners include Uruguay, Micronesia, and Mongolia.  The goal of Ethical Traveler is “to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment.” Its Top Ten countries get high marks for these attributes and it encourages us to visit them for that reason.

Wow, I am down with using travel to protect human rights and the environment.  But I am not convinced the best way to do that is to go to the places that have good human rights and environmental records.

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