Parting Shots and One Liners

Mural in Madrid

I loved my month in Spain, although it was more tourism than a journey of discovery. Maybe I’ve gotten lazy, or maybe it was a little like running out a clock. But tourism is good! Here’s a visual round up of my Spain trip chronologically, city by city.

Madrid — I love this mural’s black and white stencil portrait next to the bright colors of the unicorned horse. Notice the Arab-esque detail on the horse’s side. Madrid must be one of the best places in the world for every kind of art.

Cordoba — This is one of the external walls of Cordoba’s giant, magnificent, historic mosque, “Mezquita.” The only people who use the mosque now are Catholics. The church has maintained the historic features of the mosque, but conducts services every day smack dab in the middle of the mosque’s prayer hall.

Granada — The breathtaking view from my apartment. Lots of cool kids and vegan in Granada.

Ronda — I wasn’t very successful at finding folk art, which I always enjoy learning about. But in Ronda I found a man who painted tiles with designs from the paintings on centuries-old tiles. This one is a Trojan Horse, which I think is just a little cartoonish.

Tarifa — I want to meet the person who made this magical doorway, which appears to be the entrance to a church courtyard. A sign of the times — the note on the door says closed for the pandemic.

Seville — This gorgeous countryside is from my seat on the bus to Seville. I took only one photo in the City of Seville, and I already posted it. I can’t think of another place where I only took one photo.

Bilbao — This is a small part of a wonderful Richard Serra installation at the Guggenheim. It motivates every visitor to weave in and out of these mazes of massive iron sculptures. People love to be a part of Big Art.

Madrid — Back in Madrid, I decided to choose one painting at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum that best represented my month in Spain. Here’s “Revolving House” by Paul Klee.

And here’s another work of art that describes my month in Spain.


  1. We just got back from San Miguel and while I missed seeing you at Tuesday Happy Hour I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventure in Spain. I absolutely love your photos. This last one, the mural with the girl appearing to be asleep is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing your writing, I love your voice in your descriptions of places.

  2. i read your latest wonderful blog while working on house plans for the land in Mexico. James Taylor!!! Perfect.

  3. Wonderful “roundup” Kim. I am so glad you decided to post a photo per day during this sojourn rather than “go dark”. I really enjoyed your pics, your quips and the commentary left by others.

  4. Re: your being “just a tourist”, perhaps even vagabonds and seekers need a vacation now and then. I loved Spain and there is more to see. Paul Klee is one of my favorite artists, for his drawing from both European and North African influences. His last exhibition of 102 pieces in 1937 Germany was seized by the Nazis for being “Degenerate Art” and he was deported.

    1. Yes, Spain is a wonder — I think I was wishing I could enjoy it with a travel partner. And yes, Klee is so wonderul and whimsical. Hurray for the degenerates! xoxox

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip. I’m looking forward to a month in France this summer. I’m not planning to blog during that period. Breaks are essential.

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