Las Sirgueras, Bilbao

I love Bilbao more every day. The city is full of public art, much of it installed by the Guggenheim. The photo here is a sculpture by Dora Salazar, on the “Paseo de Uribitarte,” the path along the river. It honors “the rope girls,” who used only ropes to pull iron-laden vessels down the estuary.

Most photos I have seen of this sculpture show it from the front along an angle. I prefer this perspective because it shows how the women and the ropes complement the lines and colors of the environment, suggesting how these historic figures remain an integral part of the community.


  1. Bilbao sounds stunning, so happy you like it! I’m currently reading (en español) a fascinating novel, The Silence of the White City by Eva García Sáenz de Urturi — crime, detectives, and historical fiction– set in the Basque capital city of Vitoria and its province. The author was born in Vitoria. Although it’s a scary story, her descriptions of Vitoria’s medieval city center, the parks, the murals, etc. have had me googling to see images. This novel has sold over 1,000,000 copies and she is considered Spain’s most famous writer! Maybe you can go?

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