Who’s a Good Boy?

Some people are actually happy about the current situation. They aren’t profiting from other people’s anxiety or misery, and they don’t think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for epidemiological research. Best of all, they understand whatever we are feeling and will do their best to make us feel better.

My good friend, Folly

Every day when you used to go to work, your dog was probably disappointed that you were going to the dog park without him. Or, if he is an alpha dog, maybe he was relieved that you were going to the vet without him. Now all of a sudden, you are home all the time! Why aren’t you taking a shower this morning? Come join me here on the couch where I never sleep when you are gone! Can we have extra snacks today? This is a dream come true!

Case in point:  Rolo the weiner dog who was so happy about having his family at home, he sprained his tail from excessive wagging. https://www.insider.com/dog-so-happy-family-home-coronavirus-he-hurt-his-tail-2020-3

Rolo. Photo by insider.com

And it’s not just the dogs of privilege. A couple I know adopted a rescue puppy this week. Since they have to be home anyway, it seemed like a great time to bond. And clean up pee and poop and shredded books and the insides of pillows.

Some dogs have taken the opportunity to get to work, creating start-ups with their housebound parents. Pluto the Schnauzer is providing regular briefings to literally millions from his own twitter account and Facebook page. (Thanks to Sarah and Vic for sharing)


Frankfurter, Hot Dog, (“Frank”) is super happy to have my niece, Melissa, and her husband, Rory, home every day. Frank is going out for TWO walks a day. Weighing in at about 120 and lacking in athletic nuance, Frank is less likely to knock over the dining room table if he gets some extra exercise. And check out the new skills he’s getting!

Then there’s Remy, who has moved to Alaska to be with Tara Wheatland, Attorney at Home.

I know some people will say cats are happy too but actually, no, not so much.

Frank. Photo by Melissa McGrady


  1. I love Tara’s photo! And all the other links and photos, beautiful, Kim! However, I must disagree about cats. Paco & Lucía are delighted to have me home much more these days. Their tails are intact, and their purrs loud and clear! 🙂

  2. I love Pluto! I also disagree about cats. Our cat, Lolo, has become such a love bug. She goes back and forth between Glen and I and wants to be cuddled, have her belly rubbed, have her back rubbed, have her tailed pulled (gently), wants treats and more treats, and is talking like crazy! It is pretty cute and we sure do love her. Nice post. Thanks!

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