Back in Budapest with Hendrix and Zappa

photo 2 (2)Back in Budapest for a couple of days, staying at the Jimi Hendrix Guesthouse and drinking coffee at Zappa Caffe.  The boys aren’t here although I think they were responsible for some of the decor and housecleaning.

As you might guess, the neighborhood is cool, full of backpackers and students.

photo 3 (2)

Here is my favorite order at Hummus Bar, my favorite Budapest cafe — a bowl lined with hummus topped with eggplant, eggs, Arabic salad and tahini:

photo 1 (2)

Here is my favorite saying on the wall at Hummus Bar:

photo (3)

Budapest is easy to love.

But goodbye Budapest.

Hello Jerusalem!!


  1. It will be an exciting trip going to Jerusalem.
    There is some much history. Can’t wait to see it with you. Your my eyes and I really like your thoughts about the places you been

  2. Looking forward to your bagel reviews! Hopefully you’ll find a place that blows away Mags’ exaggerated claims about Montreal varieties.

  3. Kimmie! We were just in Williams, Oregon and I thought of you. Where did you live back in the day when you were a hippie, living off grid with Mike and weaving from your own dyed wool? Those were the days (or were they?). Love you!

    1. Hi Bellela, we were just west of Eugene in Loraine and also just west of Portland in Mountaindale. Yes, those were the days. But they all have been!
      Can’t wait to hear about the new venture!

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