A Very Nice Hotel and a Very Large Slum in Nairobi, Kenya

img_1279I can’t believe I am in Kenya….and I can’t believe I am in Kenya and spending most of my time in my hotel.   It is a very nice hotel.  The staff are really friendly and Chris, the door man, is my new BFF.  The rooms are lovely and the overpriced food is good.  The bartender makes the best ginger mojito you can imagine. Continue reading

A Fall in Athens


Art work by a refugee child at Jasmine squat

I spent most of my fall in Athens even though it is not the kind of place I would normally want to visit for more than a day or two.  Athens is a train wreck — dirty, ugly, full of hazards like slippery sidewalks, crazy drivers and railings on sixth floor verandas that are easily scaled by ambitious toddlers. Continue reading

Somewhere Near the Intersection of Quantum Physics, Genetics and Religion

img_0338I have had a theory for a long time. I have told a few people about it.  Some try to look interested.  I have tried to explain it in long emails to professors at various universities who refer me to someone else who doesn’t reply. Continue reading

A Day in Stockholm


The Renaissance houses of Old Town

Wow, Stockholm is nice —  beautiful — like out of a story book beautiful.  It is also stylish in every way — the architecture, the public art, the food and the women in boots and short skirts.  Part of the city’s romance is its location on inlets of the Baltic Sea, 14 islands connected by 57 bridges.  Fishing boats and yachts sit comfortably along the roadways, and if you are not on a boat, the city is very walkable. Continue reading